End-to-End QoS through Integrated Management of Content, Networks, and Terminal

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The consortium for the ENTHRONE project has been selected for the diverse and complementary expertise and skills that they collectively bring into the project. It is a balance of commercial organisations in the research, services and consumer markets as well as research institutions and universities all of which have specific knowledge and experience relevant to the projects objectives. This leads to a very good complementarily of the consortium in terms of, on one hand, technical expertise and contributions and, on the other hand, in terms of domain of activity and business. Reaching the objectives of the project will help partners to improve and demonstrate the new technologies developed by the project. The partners of ENTHRONE project have extensive experience into the participation and the management of international collaborative projects (EUREKA, ACTS, ESPRIT, FP5) and some of the consortium members have already collaborated in the past with each other. It is expected that these factors will ease considerably interactions among members. Further, some of the representative of the ENTHRONE partners are participating actively to standardisation groups ITU, DVB, AES. The project will maintain this activity and will define a common strategy in order to push its own solution to be standardised.

The consortium provides a good balance, well prepared to ensure a successful project. Partners in the Consortium represent all the actors involved in the delivery chain of multimedia services, including the content providers and broadcasters (RBB, IRT, TDF), network operators (France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica), manufacturers/suppliers for the whole chain of required systems and equipment (THOMSON, OPTIBASE, ROHDE & SCHWARZ, NEC, EXPWAY, BSOFT, SIEMENS, TRT), research institutes (INESC, DEM, PRISM) and universities (EPFL, UNIVERSITY of LANCASTER, UNIVERSITY of BUCHAREST, KLAGENFURT UNIVERSITY) for new R&D activities proposed by ENTHRONE concept.

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